Wizards Art & Map Archive

Don’t we all consider ourselves wizards of some kind or another? Aren’t we all at least some what attracted to dusting off those old forgotten tomes and cracking that spine to see whats held inside?

Well, I happened to find this nice little find over at Wizards. Its the Art & Map Gallery Archive and I have to say, its beautiful man. You just don’t see some of this stuff anymore.

You’ve got maps from as old as City of the Spider Queen (2002) and maps from the Draconomicon (2003). Maps from Eberron, Red Hand of Doom(which are great maps), Drow of the Underdark … I could go on, just go there and look.

The artwork which is above the maps is just a treasure trove of good old art. You just have to go through there and take a look around. I found the symbols of the gods pretty cool and I won’t lie man, there are some pretty sweet pieces in there you could use as tokens on roll20 and they are legit from Wizard. So thats like double plus good in my book. Enjoy. =)

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