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UPDATE: It seems that Wizard Dawn has moved hosting once again, this time to https://osricrpg.com/wizardawn.

I happened across a site called Wizard Dawn some while ago and I just want to take a minute or three and just express the amount of badassery there. Like it is ridiculous. I believe I was on the kick for just generators. Name, loot, you know, the usual kind. I then found this hidden gem.

I don’t know the whole history here but this site was a site that was taken over by anther site and is currently hosted on a site that is not updated anymore(Its all here and here). & Magazine has some offerings at their download page also.

Back on point though, Wizard Dawn is a beast of a collection of generators for OSR stuff including AD&D(1979), D&D(1981) and from something I’ve mentioned before at this site, Swords and Wizardy(He wrote the Quick Primer to Old School Gaming linked here, he also has the rule book linked for download at Wizard Dawn).

Just the maps generator. Look at all the others on the side there.
A Dyson Logos design the maps generator above spits out. They all have this flavor… except for;
This one is the Infinite Zero selection which just love man. Its light on the details but ts gorgeous.

Now don’t get all nuts because thats just the one map generator from the image above. See below for the Dungeon Generator and its crazy amount of options and a small example of what it spits out under that.

I’m just going to stop here because you probably should have just gone there by now to check this place out. I do want to point out though that I think the generators can change debating on which game system you have chosen. It is worth playing around with. These guys need a patreon.

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    The original author of Wizardawn deeded the site to the & Publishing Group — he had intended to close the site but we offered to keep it alive since, as you said, it’s a great resource.

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