Why fly so high on the wings of the planes?

In the lore of D&D why are the planes so important? If they are in fact so important why don’t many people visit them?

This is a pretty ridiculous topic in my eyes. I don’t get it and I don’t get anyone that doesn’t get it. Its a bit of the same reason that I don’t tend to play human characters in games unless I have to. I am human, why would I want to pretend to be one? I mean really now, come on.

I’ve played minecraft with my son. I’ve played creativerse with my son. Two different games, same idea. Thing is, I get two totally different feelings while playing essentially the same game. One is entirely sandbox and led by creativity and just building(although survival mode is funner) and the other is led by what I feel is exploring and surviving. I get the same feel when I play Astroneer with my son. He told me the other day he got bored playing Astroneer. I can get that. Harvest resources, goto another planet, do the same thing, build the same things, get a new resource and move on. Before we had to stop playing though I tunneled to the core of the planet. We also explored a cube which I guess we can turn on. Guess what, we explored and found something interesting to keep the us going.

All that totally equates to material realm vs planes. You live here, its your sandbox. You do what you usually do here doing the things you usually do, getting your loot, spending your loot, looking for a new place to get some more loot. Wheres the bit of discovery though, of something new, something you having seen or experienced?

I was just chopping up the Planescape manual of the Ethereal Plane last night and I briefly skimmed over a part that they talk about a dudes station on the edge of basically what is a black hole of ethereal quasi-proto-matter or something. Some wizard built his research lab there and has been sending back reports on the edge of a black hole in the ethereal but his reports have been getting slower and slower to update and people have forgotten about him. I didn’t even read the whole thing yet but wth? Yeah. Now, I think the real problem comes in on ok, thats a great build up for a hook… How do I run things in the ethereal? Hows the ethereal even work?

Well, thats what I am currently working on. Its going to be a mess because I have literally a ton of things to drop on here but I am trying to build some kind of resource for each plane or at least the big ones. Astral, Ethereal, Hells, and a couple others. I don’t know how much I can keep up with this pace because its a lot of material and I need to find ways to make it make sense without just dropping a load on your desk. I have been pulling mostly from Planescape setting. 2E? AWW MANNN!! Suck it up buttercup because I prefer to go the route of going to the source for things and Planescape was built for planes travel. I plan to pull from the 2001 Manual of the Planes book and I may try to find newer sources also. This gets to be a mess though because things change between editions and it seems that planes stuff is spread out all over. To my knowledge there is no one good source, which is what I am attempting to do. If you want to complain that its hard to update 2e stuff to current 5e stuff, you can read my take on that kind of thing and take your mechanics and leave because I’m not doing this for mechanics, I could give a crap about mechanics and systems. I am doing this for the idea of it. You don’t need to know how to make a player character a Nethling(its in the book). You just need to know the idea is there and usable.

I was going to try to just write what a lot of this stuff was and really bare bones the thing but that wouldn’t be useful. If I was fighting an Arcane Devourer then I would want to know what powers it has. All the cool little things it can do.

Let me just end with a thought. When is the last time you started out a campaign as adventurers(mercs, whatever) on the astral sea looking for the next island of a “dead” god that you can harvest some materials from and on the trip back gotten eaten by an astral dreadnought at which point you got taken to its demiplane and now you have to contend with all the stuff its eaten and have to escape?

I hope to get some of these things rolling in in the next week or so.

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