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I think everyone can appreciate a good rumor. Heading through town and you just hear people talk. Drinking at the local slop hole and things can get boisterous. You might even be looking to make some money to make it to the next town. Maybe someone is looking to hire a halfling with smooth hands? Whatever it may be, here are some things I may have over heard in some of my adventures through this world and that world.

A god’s weapon has fallen to earth and now there is a race to obtain it.
A megalomaniacal Duke has sent his minions in search of a weapon that would make him nearly invincible.
An unknown assasin has taken an unfortunate interest in one of the character’s demises.
The mason lost a contract in a gambling bet to his rival.
Didja hear, the church burnt down? They say it was divine punishment.
The chancellor was arrested for necromancy.
The master at arms is conspiring with the countess to kill the count’s mistress.
A stranger has been spotted lurking around the carpenter’s shop.
The stablemaster is suffering from a dreadful curse.
The groundskeeper’s maid is having an affair with the sheriff’s clerk.
The admiral lost everything in a gambling game to a strange gnome.
The shoemaker’s mother is in debt to the prince and owes him 2,700 gp.
The newspaper editor was arrested for 20 murders!
A spy was found dead near the stables.
The general was arrested. But nobody knows why!
The weapon trainer’s step sister is marrying the shopkeeper.
Didja hear, the opera house burnt down? They think a mage duel caused it.
The pawnbroker was found dead near the city gates.
The entertainer stole a rare and priceless first editio Day 9
Iffin you stand on the corner of High Way and King’s Road at midnight under a full moon you’ll be visited by the ghost of a nun.
The alchemist has a gambling problem. He has run up a debt of 787 gp.
The governor is pregnant with the apothecary’s child.
A famous actor died after a fall down the stairs.
The priest is dying of a fiendish plague.
The weapon trainer was seen running around the town square stark naked.
The grave digger has a gambling problem and he’s stealing from bodies now.
The doctor found a secret room in his basement full of strange books.
The tailor is in debt to the clothier and owes him 4,160 gp!
The mason was killed by his servant.
The alchemist was arrested for murder for poisoning his wife.
The witch is pregnant with the mortician’s child.
A nun was found dead near the Merchant’s Guild hall.
The rancher was found dead near the stables.
The harbourmaster is in debt and is charging all ships double.
The admiral was seen at the docks talking to fish.
The mortician stole several bodies from the necromancer.
The crazy inventor has unleashed a great danger.
The carpenter died in an accident where he hit the back of his head with his own hammer.
The local philanthropist found a shelf in his basement full of strange jars and containers.
The pawnbroker has disappeared and his son is spending a lot of money on clothes and women.
The blacksmith’s daughter has borrowed money she can’t pay back. She has run up a debt of 1396 gp.
The weapon trainer lost a limb in a practice fight with a stranger.
The innkeeper was arrested for murder. But nobody knows who was murdered!

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