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My own chicken scratch Plots

You know, I try to edit or add to most of the stuff I put up on here as most of this stuff does require good editing for grammar, spacing, formating. All that good jazz. Its usually not straight copy/paste. I do like to put some effort into what I am doing here but this little baby… This little baby is all mine and I have to say I’m going to leave it unrefined to show you what i’m working with here.

These are some old notes from an old app that I used to use to keep track of my notes. The first couple are from my days when i was looking into running Curse of Strahd, which again I was warned not to do it because Ravenloft is a hard system to run. Those are the words I was told. Thats when this whole journey started. I read the books, I decided what i was going to do and to change and this batch of my own plot ideas starts with a couple ideas straight away with Curse of Strahd. To me, this shows where things have come from and where they may go.

Raven-mob atk carriage, crazy guy(took daughter) looking for relic, bury burgomaster(strahd atks),

Raven loft add: add people in town. One points to tavern on way to castle that captures people to feed strahd, ruined human stronghold when stood against strahd. Holy symbol there. Religious following of strahd.

Plot of star wars, left behind. Party I is mayor friend. Get to know. Then power hungry rival with good face and PR moves against him to take over and it works. Now everyone sees him as a hero but party knows the truth.
[ ] Political dinner party you are alone with a rival rival claims you attack so you go to jail and he claims rivals position
[ ] Rival people discover something that devours magical essence. Dies it create something from it as a release? At owners command? …. What do they do with it?
[ ] Someone hiring someone to kill someone close to them so they can get all the attention – candyman – sweets to the sweet. – investigating then get wrapped up in it.
[ ] Some thing sucking life from locals.  A weak vampire in the cemetery
[ ] Door riddles ‘doors favorite joke: knock knock’
[ ] Traps, trap inside trap, sun beams to mirrors, triggered doors, invisi doors, swinging guilltones, invisible bridge, riddles, floor tile puzzles, music, bleeding door, falling illusory wall
[ ] Live out movie plots. Good plots? Bar scene lotr, bar scene SW, rancor pit idea,
[ ] Chased by corrupt official
[ ] Name after have people like d&d cartoon people and Simon the sorcerer, dirky the daring, etc.  And ideas like karma and jive
[ ] Guy looking to make a Walmart of stores and expand. Goods so cheap closes down other shops. Guy plans to control worlds economy then? Destroy worth of money or become world’s leader?
[ ] Rumor of a guy trying to make a cult.  Named Jesus.  Says his dad is a god.  Religious leader says Your job is to verify, infiltrate and do what must be done.  Ate they a threat? Think OK then find out got weapon. Gonna kill everyone who doesn’t believe in his father.  Double trapped
[ ] Dungeon comic sewer clean. Petty Criminals paying off debt sent to clean sewer system.  Flushed out wrong forced out of town.  Guards sent along.

[ ] During camp night see falling star that crashes down few miles away.  Get there and bug? Creatures are setting up camp. Attack? During fight scouts bringing humans back attack you. Go into rock, Bigger on inside than outside. And?
[ ] come out a portal in to a battle where both sides gang up on them?, superstitous clans. Not sure who side they on. figure maybe gods avatars. Get involved in clan feud that was caused by another party neither knew about (wizards?) it was their form of entertainment.  Two wiz leaders bet on outcome.
[ ] Solomn kane story-find weird bar,hidden cult, need to clear it out, has zombies/ghosts
[ ] Lovecraft house story. Come in guy upstairs,blood drips people go upstairs the house changes the house drains mental energy from people going crazy. Dungeon w family(cultists) remains under house(destroy to get out)
[ ] Hirelings of a dungeon master to help run a dungeon.  Run like corp, doing day to day things ala dungeon comic

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How to do a Mystery(Updated)

Some things you may want to think about when your feeling up to doing a mystery. Now these can be used in whatever your planning. A novel, a campaign, an escape room, a visit to the inlaws. Whatever really. I can say though that I have played a few campaigns now and man, mystery can be hard to do unless you get it just right because table top RPG’ing mysteries are hard from what I can tell. I think that is mostly because of the lack of world. I think as much as you want to tell, the PC’s will always have questions and unanswered questions at that. They will never get to have the full picture of whats going on because it seems to be at some point in every campaign the players collective seems to not make a connection on whats going on here and how is it connected to the greater plot thats going on. Maybe I don’t get involved enough in my games. I am not the DM and I am merely a player and I think that might be a difference. I love the role play and I’m always asking questions because I enjoy plot. I need to make notes though which is what good detectives would do and thats another point. I think if someone does want to do a mystery it needs to be approached that way and tell people to keep notes and to spend some time thinking about things. These are some things you may find helpful in plotting out a mystery though…

Step I: Detail the Crime. – Was it a murder??

• Where did the murder take place?
• Was the body moved?
• When did the murder take place?
• How did the victim die?
• Was the murderer injured?

Step II: List the Clues.

  • Witnesses
  • Magical means (talk to dead) – Was their jaw ripped off or tongue taken out? Way to view what happened there?
  • Hear say – Good old interview the neighbors

Step III: Add the Red Herrings.

  • Misleading clues – Not everyone gets things right or straight
  • More than one motive – Maybe a couple different leads?
  • Implicate innocents – They left the scene of the crime, why?
  • Witness lies – The neighbor hates that guy for whatever reason

Step IV: Start Feeding the Heroes Clues.

  1. What they learn at crime scene
  2. Interviewing people
  3. A good method is to make a chart containing fields for what the heroes know, unanswered questions, suspects and prevailing theories

Who done it?? MotivationMeans, and Opportunity

For any conclusion you want the PCs to make, include at least three clues e. But if you think of each clue as a plan (the PCs will find A, conclude B, and go to C)

Thirdly, have a plan for the progress of the investigation. As the PCs get closer to the murderer, will he play it cool, or will he panic and try to throw them off the scent? Does the murderer have an escape plan? Does he have allies? Does he have an alibi? Solving the mystery should involve more than just asking questions. Some answers should only be gotten after walking over the corpses of some very tight-lipped individuals.

I want to talk briefly about a game I was pretty honored to experience myself from a friend who DM’ed it that falls into this article topic.

The party and I were sent from our place of HQ to find information on someone that wrote a play where upon completion of the play summons at the least, the influence of a demon. We have things going on and need to find this guy, who happens to be rumored to be in a town a few leagues away. There were 4 of us in this party and we had basically two days to do this in before our floating HQ became out of range to easily get back to.

This is how the DM ran it. He broke the town down into 6 or 7 districts and furhter down that into 3-4 things to check for information for in each district. – DMs text follows –

Not much is known about the playwright Jonas Myers, other than he was a human from the city of Southport and was selected by the SilverSteeple recruiters to attend the college. He exhibited some stalking behaviors. Rosipine, Hammond, Rathulin, and Grimlock will search the city of Southport to see if they can find more information about them.

The party reaches the city on Monday morning. On Wednesday morning, Silversteeple will have moved too far from Southport to reach by conventional means.

There are a variety of places that can be investigated, and each area has it’s own subsections. Characters can split up to investigate, move in pairs, or move as a party. Splitting up obviously has it’s own risks. If a character has a relevant trait or aspect that might aid them in their investigation, they can roll with advantage.

The Docks – Home to sailors and traders. Area is visited by travelers frequently. Generally safe to visit during the day but there is a crime element that comes out at night.

    Sailors and Travelers

    Shop Owners and Tavern Dwellers

    Local Thieves Guild

Southside Commerce – Primarily commercial area with shops and middle class homes.

    Shop Owners

    Interesting looking shopowners

    City Workers (guards, librarians, other bureacrats)

WestHill – Largely upper-class area, where politicians and merchants live

    The Theatre District

    Passing Civilians

    “Mansion District”


EastSlope – Squalid condition. A large homeless and infirm population dwell here.

    Homeless Encampment

    Kobold Encampment


North End – Upper middle class neighborhood. Merchants and Landowners live here.

    SouthPort Academy

    Shopowners and Hoteliers


City Outskirts – Farmers and other workers live out here.


    Halfling Town


   –  End DM text.  –   So he broke those two days up into about 3-4 times a day.  Morning, Afternoon and usually gave us one more depending.  Our evening were mostly spent back at the tavern going over what everyone learned.  We did have a shared haversack we traded notes in if we learned something valuable.  One of us did go check out the docks at night.  He framed this in we needed time to do our information gathering and moving on to another part of the town.  Some of his NPC’s had decent leads, some were useless.  We learned he had a sister.  We learned his sister worked for the city.  We learned he had another sister who worked at a bar on the docks.  We had various rumors about the guys family, some had corolation to each other, some didn’t.  We heard a rumor that the families home had some weird goings on at night.  We approached the bartender sister instead of tailing her and she was reasonable about showing us to her families home.  What we found there is a whole ‘nother story.

I was actually keeping notes on what we learned and what others were learning as the session was going.  It was actually one of the best sessions I ever played and just wanted to share it with you all.  I think everyone thought it came together really well and I was very impressed with what the DM pulled off.

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Roll a Plot


GOAL (d6)

1 – FIND a person, place, or object

2 – GUARD a person, place, or object

3 – TRANSPORT a person or object

4 – EXPLORE or scout or spy upon a person or place

5 – ESCAPE from a person or organization

6 – ATTACK a person, place, or organization

HOOK (d6)

1 – HIRED for a reward

2 – CAPTURED and pressed into service

3 – STUMBLED onto situation

4 – FOUND an old book or map

5 – FAVOR requested by a friend

6 – DREAMED or had a vision


1 – Evil SORCERER or high priest

2 – Corrupt government OFFICIAL

3 – BANDIT chieftain or king of thieves

4 – GENERAL or war leader

5 – Supernatural ENTITY

6 – Force of NATURE (storm, plague, etc.)

ALLY (d6)

1 – RIVAL of antagonist

2 – ROGUE adventurer seeking the same goal

3 – Unworldly SCHOLAR with vital information

4 – Disgruntled SERVANT of antagonist

5 – PRIEST or shaman who speaks for the gods

6 – VICTIM of antagonist seeking revenge


1 – Old RIVAL of player also involved

2 – Spurned LOVER of player looks for revenge

3 – Money LENDER comes to collect from player

4 – Phobia or TABOO of player violated

5 – Aspiring STUDENT or apprentice pesters player

6 – Roll on Complication 2 Table instead


1 – PLOT to topple the local government

2 – PLAGUE is spreading in the vicinity

3 – Escaped SLAVE boy or wench begs refuge

4 – Local noble falls in LOVE with player

5 – INVASION or place under occupation

6 – Roll on Complication 1 Table instead


1 – Armed GUARDS or soldiers

2 – ASSASSINS or sneak thieves

3 – RAIDERS or bandits

4 – CONCEALMENT, deception, or secrecy

5 – DISTANCE or limited time

6 – Roll on Obstacle 2 Table instead


1 – Magical WARDS or guards


3 – CURSE (real or pure superstition)

4 – RIDDLE that must be solved

5 – Onrushing natural or unnatural DISASTER

6 – Roll on Obstacle 1 Table instead

TWIST (d6)

1 – Apparently mundane is actually SUPERNATURAL

2 – Apparently supernatural is actually MUNDANE

3 – BETRAYAL by ally

4 – Forced to ALLY with enemy or rival

5 – Apparent goal is a WILD GOOSE CHASE (reroll on Goal table for actual secret goal)

6 – Goal is made MOOT by events and new goal becomes survival or escape


1 – LESS wealth than anticipated

2 – WEALTH as anticipated

3 – MORE wealth than anticipated

4 – GRATITUDE of powerful or influential people


6 – Nothing but their miserable HIDES

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Random Plots

  • A Plague spreads like wildfire through the city, turning people into Zombies
  • Some strange people are looking for love in the worst possible places
  • An ancestral inheritance threatens to very balance of the City
  • Corrupt city board members conspire to control a civilian uprising by poisoning the sewer/water system. Dungeon/City all in one (Josh Dalsher)
  • Secret Agent from the Surface tries to steal City’s greatest secret
  • A rampaging Dragon bursts from underneath the City’s looking for his Blanky
  • The Devil rises at Dawn!  Asmodeus makes his move on the City.
  • Mutated creatures from the undercity rise up to destroy the Surface Dwellers (Josh Dalcher)
  • The Lord Souls have always been there. The Lord Souls were just claimed by Nito, Izalith, etc., There are only 4 lord souls, no matter who possesses them, but they obviously have taken on characteristics of their original owners, like they’ve been imprinted with them.
  • It is mentioned by Straid of Olaphis, after you unpetrify him, that the land was not called Drangleic before he was petrified and had other names before the one he knew.
  • A slighted council member booby traps the infrastructure of the city, group must find and disarm a series of traps..
  • City-wide hazing, a Trollish Rite of Passage
  • The All-Spark is in the City!  Objects rise up and rebel!
  • King of the city swats and kills a subject during a holy day. Everyone can’t stop talking about it (Rpgaming)
  • A noble is murdered in the city, he was rumored to have acquired the Helm of Archon days before hand (Kal Agrim)
  • Volcano Season is here, the city must prepare its sacrifice for the Volcano lord or the city will be covered in lava (Kal Agrim)
  • A Pacifist cheerful Mindflayer prophet shows up and announces the dawn of a new era of Peace and Harmony
  • The Prison of Soul’s seal breaks and the undying Archons escape, the 5 parts of the Rod of Divine Sealing must be found and fused together by Magic Fire.
  • The PCs must recover a magical artifact from a museum where it has unwittingly been put on display
  • Organized Grime: an intelligent ooze masterminds the cities criminal underworld. (cpbye)
  • Someone’s planning on tearing down some old buildings and putting up new ones. Too bad the dungeon doesn’t like that idea. (allgeekout)
  • 5 Bullywugs named Steve escape into the city. City officials panic about “confirmed reports” of monsters in the sewers (Vulcan Stev)
  • vehicles have all been replaced with other-worldly beings intent on our destruction. No one realizes until too late (Vulcan Stev)
  • A group of changelings set up in town as the new management, killing off and replacing any who disagree with them (Kal Agrim)
  • The local wizard’s girlfriend runs for mayor after winning, she begins collecting souls without his knowledge (Vulcan Stev).
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Roll Random Conan

This has been lifted from somewhere and a lot of these are a dime a dozen but you get the idea here. This ones actually decent enough I thought I would share it.


Instructions: Either roll or choose from each list, or substitute something else entirely if desired. All results should always be tailored to fit the specific campaign. Roll twice to determine the title of the adventure (for example, a roll of 7 followed by a roll of 9 would yield the title “Servants of the Boreas”). Roll to determine the basic mission for the players; roll if necessary to determine whether the object of the adventure is a person, place, or thing; and then roll to determine the specific type of person, place, or thing that is the object of the adventure. Roll on each table to determine the Hook that will involve the players in the mission, the main Antagonist, and a Potential Ally. Roll to determine Divine Involvement in the adventure: first roll to determine which table to use and then roll on the appropriate table to find which Hyperborean divinity, if any, takes an interest in the adventure. (Note that “takes an interest” doesn’t necessarily mean the deity will appear, and in the vast majority of cases and campaigns it will not appear. Rather it means that a cult or relic of that deity will be involved somehow, or that the deity will send a sign or prophecy related to the adventure.) Roll twice each on the Complications and Obstacles tables, rerolling any duplicate result on either table. Optionally roll on the Twist table if you feel your players have the stomach for that sort of thing. Finally roll on the Rewards table to get an idea of the profit if the players succeed in their mission.

Example: Rolls are 2, 12, 9, 10, 10, 6, 7, 10, 11, 4, 10, 7, 4, 11, 5. The adventure title is “Blood of the Wastes”. The players read a passage in an old book that describes the magical virtue of a certain ancient skull, so they decide to recover it and sell it to the highest bidder. Unbeknownst to them, a deranged alchemist is seeking the skull for his own purposes. A rogue adventurer also seeking the skull could become an (unreliable) ally. The skull is that of an ancient priest of Yug and is sacred to the cult of that deity, so dagger-armed cultists will likely dispute its ownership as well. Recovering the skull from its tomb will be complicated by the fact that foreign troops are occupying the city, and a starborne plague is spreading among the dispirited populace. The tomb is well hidden and the players must find it before the new moon or the skull is useless to them. The alchemist will attempt to warn the players away by blowing hallucinatory lotus dust into their rooms, causing the players to battle imaginary (but horribly realistic) demons. If the players can recover the skull before the new moon, a powerful sorcerer will buy it from them; the price will not be as high as they wish, but the sorcerer will owe them a favor. Of course, they will also have incurred the enmity of the cult of Yug…

Title Part 1 (d12)
1 – Beast
2 – Blood
3 – Fate
4 – Jewels
5 – Prophecy
6 – Queen
7 – Servants
8 – Shadow
9 – Swords
10 – Vengeance
11 – Wind
12 – Whisper

Title Part 2 (d12)
1 – of Chaos
2 – of Darkness
3 – of Death
4 – of Doom
5 – of Night
6 – of Silence
7 – of Sorcery
8 – of Sorrow
9 – of the Boreas
10 – of the Lost
11 – of the Mountain
12 – of the Wastes

Mission (d12)
1 – Attack (roll place to be attacked)
2 – Destroy (roll object to be destroyed)
3 – Escape (roll d12: 1-6 roll person, 7-12 roll place to be escaped)
4 – Explore (roll place to be explored)
5 – Find (roll d12: 1-4 roll person, 5-8 roll place, 9-12 roll thing to be found)
6 – Guard (roll d12: 1-4 roll person, 5-8 roll place, 9-12 roll thing to be guarded)
7 – Kidnap (roll person to be kidnapped)
8 – Kill (roll person to be killed)
9 – Recover (roll thing to be recovered)
10 – Rescue (roll person to be rescued)
11 – Steal (roll thing to be stolen)
12 – Transport (roll d12: 1-6 roll person, 7-12 roll thing to be transported)

Person (d12)
1 – Artist
2 – Beggar
3 – Foreigner
4 – Merchant
5 – Noble
6 – Peasant
7 – Priest
8 – Scholar
9 – Slave
10 – Sorcerer
11 – Thief
12 – Warrior

Place (d12)
1 – Catacombs
2 – Cavern
3 – Dwelling
4 – Fortress
5 – Island
6 – Mountain
7 – Palace
8 – Prison
9 – Sanctuary
10 – Shrine
11 – Storehouse
12 – Tomb

Thing (d12)
1 – Book
2 – Bottle
3 – Cloak
4 – Crown
5 – Crystal
6 – Jewel
7 – Ring
8 – Scroll
9 – Seal
10 – Skull
11 – Sword
12 – Tablet

Hook (d12)
1 – Arrested and pressed into service
2 – Asked as a favor
3 – Blackmailed
4 – Found a map
5 – Geased by a sorcerer
6 – Had a dream or vision
7 – Hired
8 – Ordered by superior
9 – Overheard conversation
10 – Read something in an old book
11 – Stumbled into situation
12 – Wronged and seeking revenge

Antagonist (d12)
1 – Bandit chieftain
2 – Brutal warlord
3 – Corrupt official
4 – Cult leader
5 – Debauched noble
6 – Deranged alchemist
7 – Evil sorcerer
8 – Fanatical priest
9 – Greedy merchant
10 – King of thieves
11 – Obsessed scholar
12 – Supernatural entity

Potential Ally (d12)
1 – Aged warrior seeking one last battle
2 – Disgruntled servant of antagonist
3 – Escaped prisoner
4 – Friendly witch
5 – Priest who speaks for the gods
6 – Rival of antagonist
7 – Rogue adventurer seeking the same goal
8 – Streetwise urchin
9 – Unworldly scholar with vital information
10 – Vengeful spirit
11 – Victim of antagonist seeking revenge
12 – Villain who wants to be redeemed

Divine Involvement (roll d12: 1-6 use Table 1, 7-12 use Table 2)

Divine Involvement Table 1 (d12)
1 – Apollo
2 – Artemis
3 – Aurorus
4 – Azathoth
5 – Boreas
6 – Helios
7 – Kraken
8 – Krimmr
9 – Kthulhu
10 – Lunaqqua
11 – Mordezzan
12 – None

Divine Involvement Table 2 (d12)
1 – Rel
2 – Thaumagorga
3 – Tlakk-Nakka
4 – Ullr
5 – Xathoqqua
6 – Yig
7 – Yikkorth
8 – Ymir
9 – Yoon’Deh
10 – Ythaqqa
11 – Yug
12 – None

Complications (d12, roll twice and reroll any duplicate)
1 – Aspiring student or apprentice pesters a PC
2 – Escaped slave boy or wench begs refuge
3 – Forgotten crime comes back to haunt a PC
4 – Invasion or occupation by foreigners
5 – Local laws are bizarre and restrictive
6 – Money lender comes to collect from a PC
7 – Old rival of a PC becomes involved
8 – Phobia or taboo of a PC is violated
9 – Plague is spreading in the vicinity
10 – Rebels are plotting to overthrow the government
11 – Spurned lover of a PC looks for revenge
12 – Unwanted suitor falls in love with a PC

Obstacles (d12, roll twice and reroll any duplicate)
1 – Armed guards
2 – Assassins
3 – Bandits
4 – Concealment, deception, or secrecy
5 – Curse (real or imaginary)
6 – Great distance
7 – Limited time
8 – Looming natural or unnatural disaster
9 – Magical wards or guards
10 – Monster
11 – Riddle that must be solved
12 – Thieves

Twist (d12)
1 – Adventure locale is a Potemkin village and supposed mission is an experiment by alien entities
2 – Antagonist is a PC from another time or reality
3 – Antagonist is a supposed ally or friend in disguise
4 – Apparently mundane is actually supernatural
5 – Apparently supernatural is actually mundane
6 – Betrayal by supposed ally or friend
7 – Entire adventure is actually a delusion or dream (use at your own risk!)
8 – Forced to ally with enemy or rival
9 – Original mission is a trap and actual mission is to survive and escape
10 – Original mission is a wild goose chase (reroll on Mission table to determine actual mission)
11 – Portion of adventure is actually a delusion or dream
12 – Success in mission leads to unexpected and dire consequences

Rewards (d12)
1 – Expected wealth
2 – Expected wealth, gratitude of the powerful
3 – Expected wealth, supernatural boon
4 – Less wealth than expected
5 – Less wealth than expected, gratitude of the powerful
6 – Less wealth than expected, supernatural boon
7 – More wealth than expected
8 – More wealth than expected, gratitude of the powerful
9 – More wealth than expected, supernatural boon
10 – No wealth, gratitude of the powerful
11 – No wealth, supernatural boon
12 – Nothing but their miserable hides


this little girl and her dark secret
a bomb powerful enough to take out half a planet
the sacred royal treasure of a prominent alien race
the cryogenically frozen body of the president’s daughter
the only signed copy of the peace treaty
the dark crystal that dwells at the heart of the galaxy
a poisoned food shipment to a refugee world
the last surviving historical artifact of the ancient civilization that originally seeded this galaxy
a relic of crucial importance
an ancient weapon of terrible power
an experiemental prototype starfighter
the only working faster than light drive
the spirits of a genocidally destroyed planet
perfectly scribed genetic structure of a deity
a virulent pox
the last of an endagered species of animal
a 1,000 kilos of a powerful narcotic
a hibernating serial killer
the bloodsoaked body of the universe’s greatest diplomat
something totally valueless, instead of our intended cargo


the governing galactic body
president of the Human planets/territory
deep seedy criminal underbelly of the galaxy
space dragon
force that dwells in the dark matter
unintelligible but highly powerful aliens
space pirates
those damned militaristic aliens
the nightmarish creatures from outside our galaxy
our rivals
that remorseless general
the guy we stole it/him/they from
the council
our evil counterparts from that other dimension
my former lover
the semi-sentient mineral lifeforms
its/her/they rightful keeper
the beings of pure light
that bastard we left for dead


those critical engine parts
a catalyser
some more energy crystals
a new mechanic
the schematics for this piece of junk
something to stop A from giving off so much weird radiation
something to distract B
a new engine
some more fuel
some advice
an extension on our contract
an advance
a loan
something to fix this leak
approval to head into enemy territory
the passcode
better weapons
some fancier shields


the space-transport company
our real boss
the president’s advisors
the local system
that far moon
that space station
that ancient ruin and its mysterious inhabitants
that dangerous border world
deep in the heart of enemy territory
the supercomputer
an untrustworthy acquaintaince of ours
my ex-wife
the tribe that lives on the forest moon
those beings that live deep on the seas of that oceanic planet
our company
that famed ghost ship and her insane captain
the last place I wanted to go
the space pirate’s guild
the bounty hunters
the company that built this ship


the edge of known space
the heart of the galaxy
the universe’s largest and most famous opera
the secret temple
the last known pocket of the progenitor-species
someone that can take care of A for us
that one uninhabited world we holed up at that one time
the dark place between the stars
the dark dimension
our old boss
the alien’s despot king
the agents of the imperial army
Kings of the Night
that guy we know, who’s always wanted A
Sun-Dweller’s abode
deep space outpost where they conduct those experiments
the doc’s place
my father’s
our hideout

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