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“What the fuck was that? Did you see that? I don’t like the looks of that. Somethings off.”

It’s not always in the double take that you notice peculiarities, its not quite deja vu. It can be even in the flight of a bird that falls from the sky. It could be the flapping of a butterfly stuck in a spider’s web. Hell, it could be the way that guy out there just looked at you strangely. Somethings up and its got your short hairs on end.

An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change.[2] People in ancient times believed that omens bring a divine message from their gods.[3]

Birds of prey circling overhead.
A woman drops a basket of fruit–can the PCs dodge before squashing some?
Circus wagon trundles past, animal calls.
Singing floats out of nearby building.
Howling/barking in the distance.
PCs pass an alleyway blocked by a new spider web.
A dangerous-looking racoon has claimed an apple cart as his–merchant beseeches PCs.
City watch follows you for 2d4 blocks.
A case of mistaken identity.
Witness a minor crime.
A religious leader and his incense burning retinue cuts across the PCs’ path.
Religious pilgrims with vow of silence are jeered at.
A dead ox causes a gridlock.
Food fight occurring.
Very active beehive nearby.
Singing floats out of nearby building.
Witness a major crime.
Stumble on lover’s quarrel.
Arid dust coats your mouth.
Young consumer is watched closely.
Well-armed adventurers pass by.
A chess match.
Private guards flank a door.
Large beetle buzzes around head.
Children pester party.
Find a copper piece.
Small dust whirlwind.
A diseased old man resting in a chair asks for help standing up.
Clothing tossed out a window during a lovers’ spat lands on a PC.
Old ring is sticking out of the dirt.
Injured mounted scout charges through the street.
Parent scolding child.
Feral cat is trailing the party.
PCs pass an alleyway blocked by a new spider web.
Howling/barking in the distance.
Cats chasing each other dart past.
Rats are following you.
Street performer(s).
Step in crap – dog, dire rat, etc.
One person has an intense itch.
Discount holy water salesman.
Rubbery mass stuck to your boot (gum).
Street vendor (food, drink, trinkets, etc.).
Feeling of deja vu.
Criminal in custody is marched past.
Criminal held in public stock.
A chatty bard walks alongside the party.
A few sun bleached papers blow by.
A small bird egg drops out of a nest from above and land intact nearby.
Political activists on parade beckon the PCs to join.
Loose chickens peck at the street.
“Please watch this cart for me, just for a minute.”
Rainbow in the distance.
Urchin approaches for minor scam.
Emaciated children tug at party sleeves.
Beggar asks for alms.
Wailing baby.
Unconscious stranger on side of road.
Raven lands in path, stares, leaves.
Stung by a bee.
A fishmonger dumps a cart of rotten fish for scavengers to clean up.
Allergic reaction to exotic spice/pollen.
A known crime boss sits and reads while sweating shoe shine boy buffs and casts the PCs worried looks
A strong, young, healthy beggar asks for coin.
Pimp (“you messin’ with my woman?”).
Passing child drops pottery, cries.
Shopping list for potions is found.
A rusty old weapon found in gutter.
Smell of baking/cooking.
Three performers in masks surround the PCs and do a ring dance around them.
A beggar with his hand down a drain hole brings up a ring and immediately asks the PCs to buy it.
Stumble onto amorous teens.
One person chasing another.
Stumble onto amorous teens.
A garbage bin rattles; inside is a tied sack of kittens.
Children pester party.
Stench of feces.
A sheet of music blows into a PC’s face.
A discarded, tattered cloak.
Someone bumps pouch–nothing’s missing.
Injured bird lies helpless.
Foreigners arguing in their own language.
A depressed bard asks sing-song, rhetorical questions of the PCs.
Unusually cool breeze.
Crow squawks repeatedly at approach.
Kids playing game (hide ‘n seek).
Street preacher accosts you.
Sudden sun shower.
Drunken fist fight.
Smoke rises in distance (brush fire).
Roof tile falls, barely missing party.
Eerily quiet.
Small dust whirlwind.
Injured mounted scout charges through the street.
People cheer for the party.
A crazy man points at PC’s equipment and lists its magical properties–and he’s right!
Group of bats rise in the distance.
Two religious processions meet head-on.
A woman with too much fashion going on breaks her shoe and stumbles into a PC.
Hawk takes mole/mouse near party.
Child looking for pet frog.
Customer angry with shopkeeper.
Shadow passes across the ground.
Someone stomps in nearby puddle–splash!
Mother looking for child.
A small bird egg drops out of a nest from above and land intact nearby.
Very friendly cat.
A little boy confronts the PCs and shoots them with an imaginary crossbow.
Birds of prey circling overhead.
Cop/guard walking a beat.
Large flock of birds flies acrobatics, then darts away.
Ray of light seems to surround one person.
A paint can spills from above and splashes PCs.
Partial eclipse of the sun.
Wailing baby.

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