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Random Sample Jobs

A Wizard hires you to retrieve magical artifacts from the ruins of an ancient city. Locals hear chants in the nearby ruins.

capture beasts and return them to town for experiments/training npc “Please watch this cart for me, just for a minute.”

A wizard who is harnessing the power of electricity to power …. robots? – he is looking to or for something…

The heroes must disguise an angel in a brothel, but have to contend with diplomacy, and opposition from the Fates trying to find her.

The heroes must negotiate with a man on a mountain

A powerful bard hires your party to retrieve a fabled magical instrument from a dead wizard’s coffin.

A giant believes that all humans exist for his dining pleasure.

A PC is on the run from the law but the Duke has asked to see the party. The adventurer is welcome but the guards do no know this and the character must be smuggled into the city.

The party is sent to a fort to help defend it from (monster of choice).

A terrible ogre has been treated with sedatives by the village shaman. But the drugs ran out and now the ogre is suffering from withdrawal. The party must provide him with counseling and find ways to treat his anxiety and dizziness before he smashes everyone in the village.

Something stalks the city at night, and kills those unlucky enough to be found alone.

The characters are approached by Crown Prince Brably with a job offer. Escort his/her daughter/son to a nearby city to attend a wedding. (of course, this is the perfect chance to get rid of this little pest…)

A BG or organization is getting ready to do something bad, and PCs have received a tip-off of some sort. They must investigate to find out more about the caper, and then act to prevent it. There are two simultaneous Bad Things on the way, and no apparent way to both of them – how to choose?

PCs are working surveillance – spying on a person, gathering information on a beast in the wild, scouting a new sector. Regardless of the scale, the primary conflict (at least at the start) is the rule that they are only to watch, listen and learn. They are not to make contact or let themselves be known. The target gets itself in trouble and PCs must decide whether to break the no-contact rule in order to mount a rescue.

The PCs are assigned to guard a single vital spot (anything from a mountain pass to a solar system) from impending or possible attack. They must plan their defensive strategy, set up watches, set traps, and so on, and then deal with the enemy when it arrives.

The characters are approached by Baron Jyshri with a job offer. Escort his/her daughter/son to a nearby city to attend a wedding. (of course, this is the perfect chance to get rid of this little pest…) <- tie into a setup by the kings rival to make a move to undermine the king

The city has been plagued by a group of bandits (who are bankrolled by Prince Blashrimus)

  • Common Twists & Themes: The intelligence the PCs was given turns out to be faulty, but acting on the new information could result in greater danger – but so could not acting on it, and the PCs must choose or create a compromise. The PCs learn that the enemy has good and sympathetic reason for wanting to destroy the protected spot
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