Side Hustle: Joe’s Wizmos

So it seems that more and more people are turning to side hustles to make some extra little bit where they can. I have had the same idea and want to say that I have started a store front over at etsy called Joe’s Wizmos where I sell things that probably aren’t gadgets or widgets which is where I came up with wizmo. I can change the name one time and for now it will do.

Currently I make things that are basically keychains. I have some ideas to rework them into more pendants but take a look at the gallery and see if you find anything you like and if you want go on over to take a look at my listings. Maybe give it a favorite or whatever. I’m usually more humble and try to let things build on their own but in todays world its just push push push and a little word of mouth from where ever it comes from doesn’t hurt I guess. So if you think you might like something you see that I can make, just throw me a line here or there.

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