Pertinence !!

What is there to say about this place? One might ask why your even looking at this page, on this site? Do you want to know about what I envision this place to be or what the mortal who runs this place stands for in this realm of existence that he hath not chose to be brought into?

Well, if your looking for the former, here you go; What I want out of this place. Just a little tiny speck of my own place on the internet. Just a place for me to put up my own little meanderings. One person(or a hundred) might call it a blog. Another person(me) might not call it a blog and be pompous enough to just call it a collection… of what? Who the hell knows? Currently I enjoy the “idea” of D&D. I love the theory crafting of D&D and the worlds and stories people tell through it. With that I love the creation of worlds and I hope to have some section devoted to things I have run across to help in that regard. Along side those I hope to post things that I like about mechanics or maybe I’ll use this “journal” of sorts to start something and put together my own system. Time will tell what this truly turns into. Maybe it will be devastation wrought on a scale unlike any other or maybe I will just get bored of the monotony of it all.

Who am I? I currently reside in my bodies mind. This body exists on the same plane you do unless your not on the material realm. Truth be told though, I am just some dude. Just like many other dudes. I’m a father, a son but not a holy spirit. I am not Triune. I was raised on a farm in the midwest a long while ago, say about half a lifetime ago as of this writing. I did some things and then had some kids. Two precisely and they are my world. I’m not the worlds best dad but I try to be a stand up guy in a cynical world that cares about nothing but putting a cog into its place and grinding every once of blood and sweat out of it to make more money for the ever efficent machine that is capitalism. My memory isn’t what it used to be but I love history and all the stories it has to say which plays some into why I like D&D.

So that’s me and that is what this place is about and that is why this place isn’t fancy. At all. I’m a guy that time is passing by. I can’t, or don’t, want to keep up with all the myspace’s and facebook’s and insta’s and twitter’s and snap’s and tinder’s and grinder’s and whatever of the people. I am old enough to remember a time before the internet(they called it the information superhighway at one point during my life). In this day and age I just want something that works and that is why this place is simple. Simple site for a simple man that is trying to get back to the root of it all.

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! You don’t give a shit about any of that and want to get in touch with me because I stole you image or have some copyrighted thing on my site that you want taken down? Well if that truly is the case than you can use the contact form below – but know this. I probably have a lot of images on here as I enjoy art so you, who contacts me, needs to know that I need;

The link(s) of the images/files in question that you want either removed – or – credited to whoever you want them credited to.

I need specifics because if you come at me saying that I have a map posted in my Castles Gallery, well I currently have 214 images there and I plan to add more when I can get to it.

So hopefully I get to adding an email link or contact form down here but I’m still setting this place up. I will get to it when I get to it. Until then, maybe try sending me a comment and I might see it while I’m behind the curtain of this place.

Until another time, I hope all is well in your life.

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