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This may be at least the second time in my life, maybe the third that I have thought to myself that its a weird time to be alive. I know I have told my friends on a few different occasions that I don’t think now is the best time to be alive with all the craziness going on. People are buying toilet paper online for like $50 a pack. Almost nation wide schools have shutdown for two weeks. Thats nearly insane. We are a week into this two week shutdown and I don’t even know what to say.

I do and have wondered though about the history because its something I don’t know much about and its ever more interesting the more you learn about it. I find myself thinking and wondering about the things my parents and then my grandparents would have lived through. Is it 3 generations now that have been alive since the big W W 2? My parents were born in 45 to 50. Their parents were born sometime in 1900. My great grandma Margaret rode a horse to work in town where she labored for a hotel and had room and board there. She met her husband who also rode his horse to where she worked and they bought a house that I could have bought if I had the money. I didn’t. It was a nice enough place. I would have liked it. I may be close to the last generation that remembers a time before the internet. My kids won’t know what a rotary phone is. I’m getting old and I feel it and sometimes I can’t help but think about death and I am only 41. I wanted to say 40 but I am over that hump. The things and experiences of the past are lost with the last and it saddens me and what saddens me is it seems rare to pass that on to the next generation. I don’t know what to say to that.

I take it as a personal … I can’t even think of the right word. Obligation? Its not that though. Insult is not it. I just want to learn more about the past. Maybe its because I know when I die I know what I will take with me and I can’t pass that on to the next, which is why my kids are important to me. Not because of that but because they are the future. I think as a parent people want to raise their kids right and all they can do is do their best with a little shake of prayer and see how they turn out when they launch. I think I am doing ok but I know I struggle daily and some people have told me that is because I am actually trying but in this week since school has been out of session I can feel it. I can feel this family and what it is like.

The thing that I have learned as a parent is that its not a race you win in a day. Its a day to day to day with an over arc plot. You set your course and you stay on the course. When you find yourself getting off that course you readjust. This week off has taught me things about this family and I am taking that opportunity to learn more, more about myself and more about my kids and my wife and my life. It is indeed an interesting time to be alive and really who knows what will be held in store? There could be tanks in the street next time I write something here… Time will tell. Time will always tell.

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