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So I tend to visit places on the net and really I don’t go to the same place twice. There are a few places I do go more than once and thats why I most likely put some up on this site as some of the Interesting Finds and under Roleplaying Finds which is what I have here. I don’t know how I find these things, I just do.

The guy that runs this place seems to go by the moniker Fitz but the website is As for roleplaying I don’t recommend the other parts of his site unless you know to explore them(motorcycles, art, etc). He has a pretty cool(if plain) 5e DM screen here and an interesting character stats creation PDF here. I will say the focus of the place seems to mostly be around 2nd edition type things.

The shining crown in the glory of his site is a double edged sword here because you need to be able to do some address bar editing to navigate it. From what I can tell his actually HTML navigation doesn’t work. So you need to drop the a/ and type in d/ to goto the D listings. Its worth it though because his monstrous compendium is pretty amazing and it has a lot – a LOT.’ If you can get that page to work for you, thats super. It won’t work for me. I have to use the way I said above, the backway in.

Animator, General Information



Magic Golem


Modron (This page is amazing, if you don’t know about Modrons, you suck btw =P )

Anywho – You can go explore if you want. It seems to be mostly older generation type stuff but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Maybe even cooler?? /shrug

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