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The Trove





Their words; “The Trove is a non-profit website dedicated towards content archival and long-term preservation of RPGs.
We currently host various large scale collections amounting to hundreds of thousands of files. These collections include various image, ebook and software archives. As of right now, The Trove hosts 908GB of data.”

I can’t over emphasize how spacious this place is and its not just D&D, its got Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeon World, Starfinder, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Sword & Sorcery, Warhammer and a ton more. Its kind of nuts. Its not just manuals, its comics, novels, programs, board games, maps, magazines(Dragon, Dungeon, Polyhedron, Games Workshop, , on and on and on.

I can’t speak enough about this place and its just best you go explore it yourself. Its like when you first discovered comics and you step into one of the biggest comic books stores for your first time. Eyes in bewilderment.

I recommend Dungeon #100 and Polyhedron #159 for some light level 18 adventure reading and say if you happen to want to hunt something on the Beastlands. I also recommend Sailors of the Starless Sea for DCC.

They also have a nice little repository for the One Page Dungeon contest over here. The One Page Dungeon Contest is actually a pretty sweet little contest in its own rights and you should check them out along side the rest of this pile of heaping excitement. It does also have maps, animated & 3D printable stuff

I do also want to mention that all these things are copyright their respective owners and that if you do truly enjoy them and get some use out of them or plan to get more use out of them than maybe you think, pitch a few dollars their way. Without these amazing people there would be no content here to be excited about, literally. These people are the makers of some pretty fantastic things.

My personal take is its fine to rent a movie to see if you like it. If you want to watch it again, maybe think about buying it since you like it enough to see twice.

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Wizards Art & Map Archive

Don’t we all consider ourselves wizards of some kind or another? Aren’t we all at least some what attracted to dusting off those old forgotten tomes and cracking that spine to see whats held inside?

Well, I happened to find this nice little find over at Wizards. Its the Art & Map Gallery Archive and I have to say, its beautiful man. You just don’t see some of this stuff anymore.

You’ve got maps from as old as City of the Spider Queen (2002) and maps from the Draconomicon (2003). Maps from Eberron, Red Hand of Doom(which are great maps), Drow of the Underdark … I could go on, just go there and look.

The artwork which is above the maps is just a treasure trove of good old art. You just have to go through there and take a look around. I found the symbols of the gods pretty cool and I won’t lie man, there are some pretty sweet pieces in there you could use as tokens on roll20 and they are legit from Wizard. So thats like double plus good in my book. Enjoy. =)

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Fitz’s Roleplaying Stuff

So I tend to visit places on the net and really I don’t go to the same place twice. There are a few places I do go more than once and thats why I most likely put some up on this site as some of the Interesting Finds and under Roleplaying Finds which is what I have here. I don’t know how I find these things, I just do.

The guy that runs this place seems to go by the moniker Fitz but the website is As for roleplaying I don’t recommend the other parts of his site unless you know to explore them(motorcycles, art, etc). He has a pretty cool(if plain) 5e DM screen here and an interesting character stats creation PDF here. I will say the focus of the place seems to mostly be around 2nd edition type things.

The shining crown in the glory of his site is a double edged sword here because you need to be able to do some address bar editing to navigate it. From what I can tell his actually HTML navigation doesn’t work. So you need to drop the a/ and type in d/ to goto the D listings. Its worth it though because his monstrous compendium is pretty amazing and it has a lot – a LOT.’ If you can get that page to work for you, thats super. It won’t work for me. I have to use the way I said above, the backway in.

Animator, General Information



Magic Golem


Modron (This page is amazing, if you don’t know about Modrons, you suck btw =P )

Anywho – You can go explore if you want. It seems to be mostly older generation type stuff but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Maybe even cooler?? /shrug

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Big list of DW Playbooks

This is a pretty non-descript website that seems to have compiled a literal ton of play books(think compendiums or handbooks, etc) for Dungeon World. The gambit really runs wide with some free(about 1/4 of them(guessing, 40-60?)) and some paid and theres quite a pile for the person with a keen eye for digging here. Seems to be mostly just player characters or classes. Quite the variety too, city ranger, shamans, monks, monster, undead, I saw a lich, ectomancer, elementalist, the binder, just to many to list really.

This place is one of the free ones. I guess this guy just makes things and updates them every so often. I like the feat type thing he has going on with Infinite Pocket.

There seems to be a lot of player classes, some races. This one here is a free one that lets you choose alternative race/class as maybe a monstrous or horde based PC. Pretty decently put together really.

Really I’m just pointhing this link out to anyone that may be interested in Dungeon World or Dungeon World type stuff as that system isn’t just D&D and it can be harder to find quality things. Hopefully you take a look around and find something you can use.

Enjoy. =)

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Wizard Dawn

UPDATE: It seems that Wizard Dawn has moved hosting once again, this time to

I happened across a site called Wizard Dawn some while ago and I just want to take a minute or three and just express the amount of badassery there. Like it is ridiculous. I believe I was on the kick for just generators. Name, loot, you know, the usual kind. I then found this hidden gem.

I don’t know the whole history here but this site was a site that was taken over by anther site and is currently hosted on a site that is not updated anymore(Its all here and here). & Magazine has some offerings at their download page also.

Back on point though, Wizard Dawn is a beast of a collection of generators for OSR stuff including AD&D(1979), D&D(1981) and from something I’ve mentioned before at this site, Swords and Wizardy(He wrote the Quick Primer to Old School Gaming linked here, he also has the rule book linked for download at Wizard Dawn).

Just the maps generator. Look at all the others on the side there.
A Dyson Logos design the maps generator above spits out. They all have this flavor… except for;
This one is the Infinite Zero selection which just love man. Its light on the details but ts gorgeous.

Now don’t get all nuts because thats just the one map generator from the image above. See below for the Dungeon Generator and its crazy amount of options and a small example of what it spits out under that.

I’m just going to stop here because you probably should have just gone there by now to check this place out. I do want to point out though that I think the generators can change debating on which game system you have chosen. It is worth playing around with. These guys need a patreon.

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