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The Birth

Life was truly given the day she arrived
the future was changed because of this girl
she may never understand the role she has had
the power of love in this one child
the frailty of this one new born
how complex she truly is but yet so simple
she can only exude the love she is given
to her the world is music
the rhythm, the beat, the tempo
she sings its songs in she way
the melody of life is her language
the power of love is her gift

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He is her Soul

T is like a true life hero to Ryan… every day of his life he looks to her to survive and for his life to be utterly in her hands and takes takes it on so easily and willingly for him… She does for him like no other, she is always watching for him, she cares for him more then she does of herself, Ryan is her life, Ryan is her soul. He is what makes her exist, he is her everything unquestionably. She is a true hero to some and a loved one to the rest…

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Birthing Story

(Ed: This was written a long time ago)

Trish was induced Monday morning around 9am when the pitocin was administered and things progressed slow but sure. Things still advanced slow and started getting more uncomfortable, especially for Joe. ^_^ She eventually made 4cm around 3-4pm and the epidural was given around 430pm or so. Joe was quite proud of her for going as long as she did without it.

Well, about 5pm or so the doctor came in and took a look around. Things started looking bleak at that point as still unborn Spencer’s heart was jumping around and going a bit to low for everyones liking. Dr Doctor made a call and it was decided for an emergency c-section. A doctor, not Dr Doctor, came in and Trish tried pushing and the heart rate continued to drop. A c-section was decided on and since everyone else(~6 others) on the floor were having one Trish got the honor of being brought to the 2nd floor, from the 5th. After a fairly unorganized arrival in the OR things were confusing for about an hour, which seemed like 4. Things were proceeding with the c-section when doctor Other Doctor decided to check once again before “the cut.” It appeared things changed on the elevator down and Spencer was doing one final “freak out” on old mom’n’pop. They gave Trish the chance to push again, with an epidural in affect, and things were looking better.

So when things got decided to go back to the original plan and some small confusion and about 20 minutes or so of pushing(about 3-4 contractions worth) little Man was given to this world at 8:21pm.

Thats the scariest part though because he wasn’t making a sound and was whisked away because he wasn’t breathing. The cord was wrapped around his neck. He didn’t breath for about 5-10 minutes but after some blessed hands worked their magic a cry was heard and things looked better. Everything got calmed down and things were looking good. It turned out Trish was the story of the floor for what she went through. One nurse said its very rare someone gets “the call” and its not done and we’re both extremely happy it didn’t go the way they wanted it to.

On a side note Trish is doing well and healing fine, just trying to master the art of breastfeeding.

His Stats
Length: ~20 inches(although Dadbot thought he read 20.5 on a paper)
Weight: 8lbs .09oz
ETA: 8:21pm – April, 23rd, 2007 – Taurus(dang.. was gunning for Aries)
Eyes: Trish calls it a slate blue
A nice amount of blonde hair
One pair: Healthy Lungs
10 fingers / 10 toes
2 arms / 2 legs / 1 head / 1 tail(just kidding)
We think 2 dimples, 1 for sure
5th Floor award for “Cutest Diaper Bag”

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Building a Legacy…

… because you get to watch your little ones. Not even just watch them like grow up and become the people they will become but just watch them. You get to influence them which is an even bigger(and funner) thing because that can change their outlook on life. Are you a serious dude who is a strict disciplinarian(thank you internets for the spelling of that one)? Are you a slapstick father who enjoys farts? These are all things that get passed on through you to the next generation if you are one of those people who decide to and actually do have kids.

The world is to serious these days. I will stand by that blanket statement. I don’t know if it is to serious or just takes itself to serious but there is so much negative stink just in the air and I feel like it has gotten pervasive. I take pride in my fathering. Not the fathering I got when I was a kid, that is a whole ‘nother section to this place that I haven’t even put a section in for and I don’t want to get to personal on this thing. I do take pride though that I stink I am a good father. By no means the best father. I do think? that I am passing along good traits though. Maybe a couple bad ones(I have been known to be lazy) but I think my spawn will turn out more good than bad. They are good people in their heart, that I can tell.

I’ve told people that its my job as a father to get them to a proper launching point and then my baby birds can jump off that branch and see where the wind takes them. All I can do is try to prepare them and try to give them the tools they will need. I can teach them but I’d have to charge but I’ve had others tell me my milkshake brings the boys to the yard.

I’ll just wrap this up by saying that one of my hopes in life that as my kids grow and become and when they do become to people they become through their becoming of people they have become that they too can appreciate a good fart.

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Being a father.

I want my first post to be about being a father because I don’t want my first post to be some bullshit thing of a dream I had or some thing I posted on my myspace account(yes I am THAT old).

This may surprise you but I wasn’t always a father. I had a time before I had spawnlings of my own. Those were the epochs of time I call the Confusion because thats just what it was to me. Again, another shocker, I have grown into the person I am now. I wasn’t always the person I am now. I have grown and evolved and changed. Not just pyschically but mentally and emotionally. I have the ability now to look back and see things about my past and to learn from my experience. Learn not just about the world around me but about myself and how I was and how I am now and with definite firmness of sound and mind I can say I am not who I was.

With all that in mind, becoming a father has put a meaning to my life that I never had before. I wandered aimlessly. I don’t have a compass, I didn’t have a direction. I lived a life of consequence not of circumstance. My kids have given me that and without them I would not be the person I am today. They are my world. They are my soul and my being. They are the source of the well of my love that I may pour into them. I love them without measure. They are amazing people each and their own and thats what I hope to see them become, their own person.

They are each amazing for their own reasons. So different but I see the things they do not. I see how I once was and I see that in them and it is amazing. I want to empower them. I want them to learn from my experiences, good and bad so they can at least try to have the best life that I can give them.

I have made mistakes in my past, everyone has. Some, more than others. Those mistakes are part of who I have become and I don’t like that feeling. Its a toxin that won’t go away no matter how I try. I ask at what point does a person change? At what point is a person not the person they once were?

I feel like becoming a father and given the chance to have my kids and watch them grow into the people they are becoming and I would like that chance again to grow and experience life with them unhindered by the mistakes of my past. I can’t undo them. They have become part of me and they will never go away. I have to live with them. I’m just asking for the ability to move forward with my life … and not be stuck in the past, haunted by something I did that feels like a lifetime ago.

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