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The Birth

Life was truly given the day she arrived
the future was changed because of this girl
she may never understand the role she has had
the power of love in this one child
the frailty of this one new born
how complex she truly is but yet so simple
she can only exude the love she is given
to her the world is music
the rhythm, the beat, the tempo
she sings its songs in she way
the melody of life is her language
the power of love is her gift

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Upon A Perch

I sit atop a ridge
perched and watch the hillside
there along came a rabbit
peaceful it looked in the afternoon sun
it played and frolicked
it ate and nibbled
indeed I did watch this for awhile
it intrigued me to see
it looked so happy and carefree
the wind just passing through its fur
it looks around and watched
its nose twittered and teeth chittered
it sat under the tree with nar a worry
I stretched quietly as to get up
my arms were tired from waiting
long I’ve been sitting and watching
waiting and watching
now is my chance that I see
I step off and set sail to go
the wind flows around me as I glide
through the wind effortlessly I go
Poor little rabbit just does not know
it has to know this is how nature works
unseen I grow closer
soon I won’t be hungry
understand small rabbit, it has to be
to my surprise along came another
it was to late, I was spotted
it warned the other
off like the wind flowing on my wings
they were gone without a trace
so once again I have no choice
I sit atop a ridge
perched and watch the hillside

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He bent over her
feeling the warmth in her veins
she slept so peacefully
he admired her beauty
it was the life in her
it was the essence of her
he paused and savored the moment
soon they would embrace
he would quench his thirst
she would feel the change
she would no longer be
she would soon just exist
he brushed against her skin
so soft and full of innocence
the warmth of her body radiated
the moment will be enjoyed
he kissed her neck passionately
she stirred and awoke
she felt the frozen touch of another
the pricks she barely felt
it was unrivaled ecstasy
the feeling coursed through her veins
never did she feel such as this
the blood in her veins burned with pleasure
it coursed through her and into him
she quivered and shuddered under him
she embraced his body and gave herself
her soft moans were quickening
he felt her gasping for breath
he felt her essence in him
it almost made him happy
but long ago he lost that feeling
she started to go weak
the embrace would soon end
exhaustion came over her
her body just felt numb and cold now
he slowly lowered her to rest
he licked his lips not to waste
in the shadows she was heaven to him
turning to walk, one final glance
soon she shall wake again
not being the person she once was
soon she too will feel the hunger
soon she too will need the embrace

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Angel sent

Your an angel sent for me
I went in your arms and came to see
your so beautiful to me
I love you whole heartedly
your everything I want my girl to be
I want to be with you forever, don’t you see?
Your the only angel thats cared for me
I want you to see;
You the most beautiful thing I can see
your the only fish in the sea for me
I have yet to see something more beautiful then thee

That song would be what we call in the biz, a chart melter. Wouldn’t leave a seat dry.

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First True Kiss

The night was drawing brighter
the two were together entwined
in a place they fell and he looked into her eyes
“Just like a movie,” he thought and shook his head
he came back to her gaze drawing him thinking
wishing he could but not sure he should
closing his eyes and in that instant it happened
his one first true kiss
the kiss that he actually felt
she says he did it, he says she did it
it was just a perfect moment that the alignment was right
he could do nothing but smile afterwards because what followed was something he always wanted
he wanted her eyes, her beautiful eyes
he wanted to hold her, protect her and make her utterly happy
hopefully in time with will happen
hopefully this is finally a movie that ends with happily ever after

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