Today we(I) am looking at the movie Bloodshot. The main character is torn from the pages of Valiant comics(remember them?) and I’ll be square that I never read Bloodshot. I read some of Doctor Solar(who Valiant didn’t bring back) but I didn’t find myself interested in Bloodshot. Deja Vu here also.

I’m not some big time fancy movie writer, I only play one in the movies, so I won’t pretend to be one here. The first time I saw this trailer I recall thinking, “aw fuck yeah” and then with all the COVID being passed around like margaritas at 11am at my place it didn’t hit theaters. I found out about digital release and remember asking my friends about it twice before I got around to it. The second time I asked I got a weird feeling that I shouldn’t get my hopes up and it seems to be that my gut reaction was accurate again.

Now, what I have to say about this movie is just what I have to say about any “super” hero movie now days. Stands true to any Marvel movie currently out. I’ll be blunt and put my blunt down when I say this, but … I. AM. SICK. OF. THEM. All of them. They are all the same. All of them. Yup, that one too. Yup, that one is included in the pile of same. I’m over it. This movie is just par for the course. It has its big muscle guy(I’m a bit over Vin also, but I did like his one movie where hes the hero from times old, forget the name) who some how gains a power and he goes off and thinks he is saving the world, on a smaller scale than the Avengers team. This one is pretty bad though in that the character is so badass that he thinks hes a badass and that alone makes him a badass that he can do anything because omg, the badassery is epicly high and thats badass man. So butch, so macho, so doge, so yeet. Is that what kids would say? I don’t know.

This is a poor review for a movie I don’t really care about and I’ll just wrap it up here because I feel like I’ve spent enough time on this. My real point here is just that I don’t find myself really caring about characters like Vin plays in this movie. I don’t care for Vin picking roles where he gets to play his badass stereotype and I just don’t really care about super hero movies and how in all the fights they just all end in a fist fight. The whole genre could go away until they finally, FINALLY get some actual grim dark grit to it. Something with an actual edge. I want some dark sick and twisted shit. It remains to be seen if Marvel is edgy enough to pull something like that off. Some of these independents, yeah maybe. As it stands though I think Bloodshot was more or less a copy/paste/change names of shit I have seen before. In one ear, out the other.

imo? Not great, not great at all. I’m jaded though.
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