Big list of DW Playbooks

This is a pretty non-descript website that seems to have compiled a literal ton of play books(think compendiums or handbooks, etc) for Dungeon World. The gambit really runs wide with some free(about 1/4 of them(guessing, 40-60?)) and some paid and theres quite a pile for the person with a keen eye for digging here. Seems to be mostly just player characters or classes. Quite the variety too, city ranger, shamans, monks, monster, undead, I saw a lich, ectomancer, elementalist, the binder, just to many to list really.

This place is one of the free ones. I guess this guy just makes things and updates them every so often. I like the feat type thing he has going on with Infinite Pocket.

There seems to be a lot of player classes, some races. This one here is a free one that lets you choose alternative race/class as maybe a monstrous or horde based PC. Pretty decently put together really.

Really I’m just pointhing this link out to anyone that may be interested in Dungeon World or Dungeon World type stuff as that system isn’t just D&D and it can be harder to find quality things. Hopefully you take a look around and find something you can use.

Enjoy. =)

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