This Place


Shall we cut to the chase? I have some “comics” which I call “Coated in Sugar” which can be found over here or also on the side bar. I made one I call Greenbones when I wanted to do webcomics,

I have more than a few D&D things which are kind of spread out around this place but mostly can be found in the tag cloud. I have the Roleplay Theater which is for D&D type stuff and I have Roleplay Things which is just .. mostly random stuff I have either found or written and just stuff I’d like to share. I also have a sizeable collection of battle maps which the main page can be found here or on the side bar. Really just a collection of things I’d like to share.

I have my own creative writings, my own little blog area if you want to read some drama stuff. This place is really just a place of mine. My apartment, my place. So feel free and take a look around if you so choose, you may find something interesting.

Current Big Project: Working on collating a lot of planar things into one source. Finding sources(done), collecting data(in process), putting data into logical graphical, or otherwise, sense(not done).

Projects After That: Put up some reviews of some personal favorite things(Comic: Kill Six Billion Demons, Dunjun, Orc Stain)(Movies: Various(Heredeitary, Annihalation, District 9, Aliens)

After That?? Write some more blogs and creative writing, make more of my own comic things, edit and upload some of my favorite clips of shows.

After that???? Edit some family videos into something….